Tips For Building Cordova Apps On Android

I have a small Makefile that I use to automate signing, installing and running builds on an Android device.

It does the following:

  • Deletes the old apk (if exists). The -f flag will remove the old file without confirmation and will not display an error if the file does not exist:
rm -f yourfilename.apk
  • Runs the cordova build:
cordova build android --release
  • Signs the apk using the keystore, and passes the alias and password as cli arguments so no manual entry is required:
jarsigner -sigalg MD5withRSA -digestalg SHA1 -keystore certs/certname.keystore -storepass yourkeypass platforms/android/build/outputs/apk/android-release-unsigned.apk youralias

zipalign -v 4 platforms/android/build/outputs/apk/android-release-unsigned.apk yourfilename.apk
  • Installs the apk on the device. The -r flag overwrites the old apk so if the app is already installed you don't have to remove it manually each time:
adb install -r yourfilename.apk
  • Executes the cordova app so you don't have to look for the icon and tap it each time:
adb shell am start -n com.yourcompany.yourapp/com.yourcompany.yourapp.MainActivity
  • Prints out log events in the console and filters them to only see the events for the app you're currently running:
adb logcat | grep `adb shell ps | grep com.yourcompany.yourapp | cut -c10-15`

You can see the entire script in this gist. To use it, put it in your project's folder, update the variables on top and run make.

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