Modals In Ionic Framework 2

One of the nice improvements of ionic framework 2 over the first version, is how it handles modals.

Environment Variables On Elastic Beanstalk with nodejs

It's recommended to avoid storing configuration settings such as private keys and secrets in the code base. A good solution is to use environment variables to store these settings and then access them from your code.

Validating Cordova In App Purchases on iOS and Android Using Node.js

After integrating in app purchases to a cordova app, you need to validate the transactions on the server using the purchase receipt.

Add In App Purchases To Your Ionic Cordova App - Step By Step Guide With An Example App

If you look at the list of top grossing iOS and Android apps, you'll notice that most of the apps on the list are free to download and offer in app purchases. This is the most profitable monetization model for mobile apps because users prefer to try the app for free first and only then decide if they want to spend money on it. In addition to that, with such an abundance of free apps, users tend to avoid apps they have to pay for upfront.

Integrate the Fyber Offer Wall Into a Cordova Ionic App

Offering consumable in-app purchases such as credits (or "coins") is a popular way to monetize a mobile game or app. Offer walls let users earn credits without paying for them. Instead, users who prefer to spend some time instead of money, can earn credits by completing simple tasks such as watching videos, filling in forms or downloading apps. When they complete an offer, they get credits in exchange, and you get paid by the offer wall provider.